Panelized Construction & Job Coordinator
     Reohr Custom Homes uses the "Job Coordinator" approach, helping you build your new "Panelized" Custom Home. Typical savings of between 4-8% of the cost of building your new home is just one of the benefits of using a "Job Coordinator" and "Panelized Construction" these concepts versus the outdated method of stick building with a General Contractor to build your home.
     In addition to the savings benefits, you eliminate a significant amount of construction time which helps to protect your home against the potentially harsh weather of this area, not to mention being able to move in sooner.


What is panelized or pre-engineered construction?
It is a method of construction whereby each wall and truss of the house is built in a climate-controlled setting, using tools that provide square and plumb walls, and exact truss configurations every time.

Once constructed, these components are delivered to the job site (still as individual wall sections and individual trusses,) where cranes positioneach panel and truss into position, where they are then secured in place.

Building your walls and trusses in a climate-controlled facility enables the builder to enclose the home much faster than conventional construction, protecting your investment from weather and theft.

As a custom home builder, Reohr Custom Homes can provide as little or as much help as you need.

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