Q. What type and size homes do we build?
A. We design and build all sizes, types and styles of homes: traditional, contemporary, colonial, secondary, vacation, etc. We will custom design the exterior and interior to suit your personal preferences.

Q. Do we build "MODULAR" or "PRE-FAB" homes?
A. Absolutely not! We design and build only custom engineered, open panel homes. All exterior walls and roof trusses are engineered to exact specifications.

Q. Do we have to build from floor plans you supply?
A. NO we can build to one of your plans or one of ours. We have plans that offer hundreds of alternatives to hundreds design alternatives which we can alter at your request. However, we acknowledge that it is virtually impossible to have designed the perfect layout for you right down to the smallest of details. Choosing those details for yourselves is one of the great parts of making a design into the home of your dreams.

Q. What are the price ranges of your homes?
A. Our prices, excluding land, will range from $100,000 to over $500,000 depending on the size, style and design. We make every effort to design a home within your preferred budget.

Q. What does it cost per square foot to build a new home?
A. This commonly asked question has no one answer for custom homes. Specifications and style vary too widely and design can impact the actual cost too much to provide a fair competitive analysis. We bid all of our homes on an individual basis which insures a more accurate price quote.

Q. How long does the building process take?
A. It normally takes three to five months from start of construction to finish. It may take longer for a larger or more complicated design. We can better determine construction milestones upon finalization of the design.

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